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I am not currently doing any video interviews, but I am curious to see how an ongoing conversation about the politics and culture of hair might play out on a blog. If you have an interesting and insightful story about your own experiences with this topic, please feel free to leave them here. I’ll start a new thread if this one gets too long. Thanks!


This woman in Canada discovered firsthand the double standards that exist between men and women’s respective abilities to choose their hairstyles. She decided to have her hair cut for a cancer benefit, and when she showed up for work with short hair, she was promptly fired.

Blogger Meowser posted a lovely piece about her experiences with PCOS-related baldness and the effects that experience has had on her life. It really highlights the importance of hair to women’s senses of self, identity, and confidence. It’s not just superficial.

Go read it. :)

Writer Morgan Sherman has a piece on The State about black women and their relationships with their hair.

The New York Times published a story about new hair removal (sorry, “skin smoothing”) products aimed at the under-15 market. Nair has a new product called Nair Pretty for all those youngsters worried about their excess hair (!).
Seems more about expanding their market & earning more money. Hmmmm.